Lunch Wraps for “LibraryPig”

Isn’t she cute?

This Thursday, I went to the library with my studious spouse and colleague. Sophie has chosen the nickname of “LibraryPig” for this book writing adventure. On the days we go to the library together, we take a break at lunch time and find food in a restaurant nearby. On Thursday it was Thai food. We liked the food, but have now tried the restaurant, Busaba, twice and have decided that we really just don’t like it much. It should be awesome, but for various reasons, it just isn’t.

Two of the vegan dishes on the menu at Busaba. Both tasty. And they have some cool art.

The placemats, for example. But most days, I send the “LibraryPig” with a wrap and come cut up fruit. I have made it a goal to not make the same wrap twice. Here is a picture of one of them featuring spiced roasted eggplant, quick pickled onions, gem lettuce, periperi hummus, pepper jack vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart), and sweet cherry tomatoes before it is wrapped up burrito style and tucked into a zipper lock plastic bag.


Here is a list of some other wrap variations (that I have remembered to write down):

  1. Smoked tofu, grainy mustard, cucumber, avocado, spinach, red pepper slivers
  2. BBQ chix with mushrooms, celery and onion, plus spinach, scallions and roasted cauliflower
  3. Follow your heart pepper jack cheese, mustard, vegan chorizo (from Germany!), spinach, scallions
  4. Hummus, pepper-jack cheese, avocado, cabbage slivers, cherry tomatoes


2 thoughts on “Lunch Wraps for “LibraryPig”

  1. What a lovely image of Sophie! Librarypig????? That is as lovely as the image! I think this is a species, and I think I see a bit of myself in it. Or maybe I’m just idealizing!

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