Moroccan Meal at the Murphy Home

IMG_2915 4
Stunning Plateful of Moroccan Yumminess
IMG_2912 4
Broad Bean and Cumin Dip served with Pita Bread

I loved this dish. It was mildly sweet from the beans and aromatic from the cumin. Delish. The two below are couscous with red harrisa and a “loaf” of mediterranean vegetables, nuts and chickpeas wrapped in filo dough and baked. The filling is visible in the picture at the top of the post.

Sweet Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes

These were a perfect sweet, tangy and juicy complement to the other dishes. Dessert was also colorful and delicious.

Moroccan Oranges with Dates and Almonds

The beautiful fruit was served with vegan shortbread. We even got to take some leftovers home to enjoy a second Moroccan meal and delight in some shortbread with afternoon tea the next day.

Shortbread and Oranges for Pudding!

Weekend in London with the Rhode-Holland Family

Dan and Will on the Bridge

I am having so much fun socializing that I am getting quite behind on my posts. This one is from several weekends ago, but still worth posting. Was lovely to have my dear friends visiting us here in Pitshanger Lane!

IMG_2840 2
We went for a chilly walk in Pitshanger Park

And found our way to a Mediterranean Grocery on Western Avenue in Perivale. It is just under the large footbridge that goes over Western to allow bike and pedestrian traffic to cross from the golf-course and Pitshanger Park side to the “Big” Tesco and surrounds. At that grocery we found a number of things that made it into our feast including the lavash style flat bread, felafel mix that Sophie made into felafels, roasted red peppers, an baklava style sweets.

We had a mediterranean fusion feast at home on the Saturday evening.

IMG_2843 2
The spread as we are just starting to dig in!

Aidan at the second morning, “kids eat free” breakfast buffet. First round, second round, and the pile of 8 dishes!

And we saw some London sights!

The National Gallery Building
A close up of the floor at the National Gallery.

‘Twas a lovely visit all around. I look forward to my next time with the family.

Lunch Wraps for “LibraryPig”

Isn’t she cute?

This Thursday, I went to the library with my studious spouse and colleague. Sophie has chosen the nickname of “LibraryPig” for this book writing adventure. On the days we go to the library together, we take a break at lunch time and find food in a restaurant nearby. On Thursday it was Thai food. We liked the food, but have now tried the restaurant, Busaba, twice and have decided that we really just don’t like it much. It should be awesome, but for various reasons, it just isn’t.

Two of the vegan dishes on the menu at Busaba. Both tasty. And they have some cool art.

The placemats, for example. But most days, I send the “LibraryPig” with a wrap and come cut up fruit. I have made it a goal to not make the same wrap twice. Here is a picture of one of them featuring spiced roasted eggplant, quick pickled onions, gem lettuce, periperi hummus, pepper jack vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart), and sweet cherry tomatoes before it is wrapped up burrito style and tucked into a zipper lock plastic bag.


Here is a list of some other wrap variations (that I have remembered to write down):

  1. Smoked tofu, grainy mustard, cucumber, avocado, spinach, red pepper slivers
  2. BBQ chix with mushrooms, celery and onion, plus spinach, scallions and roasted cauliflower
  3. Follow your heart pepper jack cheese, mustard, vegan chorizo (from Germany!), spinach, scallions
  4. Hummus, pepper-jack cheese, avocado, cabbage slivers, cherry tomatoes