Moroccan Meal at the Murphy Home

IMG_2915 4
Stunning Plateful of Moroccan Yumminess
IMG_2912 4
Broad Bean and Cumin Dip served with Pita Bread

I loved this dish. It was mildly sweet from the beans and aromatic from the cumin. Delish. The two below are couscous with red harrisa and a “loaf” of mediterranean vegetables, nuts and chickpeas wrapped in filo dough and baked. The filling is visible in the picture at the top of the post.

Sweet Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes

These were a perfect sweet, tangy and juicy complement to the other dishes. Dessert was also colorful and delicious.

Moroccan Oranges with Dates and Almonds

The beautiful fruit was served with vegan shortbread. We even got to take some leftovers home to enjoy a second Moroccan meal and delight in some shortbread with afternoon tea the next day.

Shortbread and Oranges for Pudding!

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