A Delightful Eve with Clare and David

Super Vegman!

So, we had the pleasure of dining at my favorite place to eat out in Ealing again this week. Clare is so creative and thoughtful with her cooking! The vegetable action figure above was served with tasty homemade hummus and bread.

Hummus with fresh vegetables

We started the evening in the sitting room with fun conversation and a tasty beverage. Then moved to the dining room for the Super Vegman surprise and first course.

Sophie and David just chilling in the sitting room

One of my favorite quotes from dinner was Clare encouraging us to “have another rib” or red pepper from the Vegman. The main course was super creative, healthy and so yummy. Sweet corn cakes with an avocado mash, roasted cauliflower and chickpea salad, and lemony roasted Brussels sprouts!

It is fun to listening to these two talk about the process of cooking together. David made the sprouts as they had recently discovered that, although he generally wants to pass on them, he likes sprouts when they are made using this recipe. They are super lemony, soft on the inside with little bits of crunch on the outside.

Sophie begs to differ with David as sprouts are her favorite vegetable. She loves them even just plain boiled. And enjoyed David’s version very much. I learned to boil them properly from her. I learned two tricks, cut little “x”s in the bases and add them to the water once it starts boiling so that you can accurately measure the amount of time they are boiled. Ten minutes is the magic number.

Lemony roasted sprouts
Chunky avocado mash
Tasty sweet corn cakes

I can’t decide which dish was my favorite. I have loved corn since I was child (some members of my family and some co-workers have made fun of me for my passion for corn. Some former co-workers gave me a cookbook called “Crazy for Corn” when I left that job to head to my current one. Several of us taught cooking classes together and apparently I was famous for suggesting or concluding that a new recipe we were making up or testing “is good, but would be better with corn.”

And, I love avocados. I am pretty sure that they are main reason I could not eat 100% locally. I would have to move to Greece or California or somewhere else in the world that they grow. My more recent vegetable passion is cauliflower. I love it the way Sophie is into sprouts.  The dish above also had roasted chickpeas, mixed baby greens and a tangy dressing. All very satisfying.

And, of course, because it is Clare and David, we also had a dessert course. Chocolate almond brownies with a “pinch” of cayenne and a lovely sweet white wine (Moscatelo?) Pinch is in quotes because Clare thought that perhaps her “pinch” was a bit bigger than the recipe writer intended. The after dinner white wine was a perfect balance to the dark chocolate with finish of cayenne style heat.

Vegan chocolate brownies!
Clare in her kitchen slicing bread











So much deliciousness. I look forward to whenever we next share a meal!


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