Saturday Adventure Recap


Vegetable Couscous at Sidi Bou Restaurant

We had a lovely weekend that included several meals out. The highlight of those was a  late lunch on Saturday at Sidi Bou, a family run Tunisian Restaurant and Art Cafe right next to the Ealing Broadway Station. We had their mezze platter of 4 salads and the vegetable coucous, pictured above, and a pot of Tunisian mint tea. All a perfect foil to the dreary, chilly and drippy weather. The best part was the learning. The host and wait person and son of the owner was wealth of information. He shared images and information about Tunisia as well as his families home town, Sidi Bou.

Pot of mint tea (a mixture of green tea and mint with a bit of sugar)-Photo by Sophie



We then headed into the West End Theater district to check out a gallery exhibit of Getty Images from 2017. It was a very popular place to visit on this rainy afternoon. Reminded me of how many newsworthy events have happened in the past 13 months.


The next stop was Brewdog Brewery just a few blocks away in Soho.  There we both found beers they had brewed to suit our tastes. I loved that the indicated on the menu which beers were vegetarian and vegan and that they had veg’n options for bar food on their menu as well.

Sophie tried the 5AM Saint, an American Style Red Ale and I had the Cocoa Libre, a chewy, strong, sweet, (did I mention strong? 8.5%) dark beer. Sophie said that it was the first pint she had in the UK this visit that she would order again. Cool art graffiti style art on the walls, and though very busy, it was not overly loud or crowded feeling.

After walking around in the drippy rain for another hour or so and getting thoroughly chilled we decided to head back to Ealing Broadway for dinner. We tried out Turtle Bay, which offers Carribean style food and drinks. It was very large place and hoppin’ on Saturday night. We enjoyed the sweet corn fritters, super green side salad and two curries–all from the marked vegan selections on the menu. It is part of a chain, and seems to be doing good business in this West London location.

Spinach, Aubergine & Sweet Potato Curry
Supergreen Salad and Spiced Fries
Ital Rundown

After dinner we turned up the heat and climbed under the comforter to try to shake the chill we had picked up on our central London outing. A few episodes of Channel 4 shows viewed in the computer rounded out a very fun day.


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