Juicy Orange Breakfast


Last weekend Sophie and I returned to the Saturday market and purchased ten kilos of fresh oranges for $2.50 Euros. Since then we have switched our breakfasts to a glass of fresh squeezed juice and our respective hot beverages, tea with soya for me and Greek coffee metrio (medium sweet) for her.

The large washtub did not fit all the oranges.

It takes 6 or 7 oranges to make 2 full glasses. It has been fun to switch up our breakfast routine. I send Sophie off to Greek language school with some fruit for mid morning and often snack myself on some leftovers at 10 or 11ish. Then lunch is latish…between 1:30 and 3:00.

When the family was here first it was a quest to find the “right” cereal and the “right” milks. Then when the family of four arrived it was a quest to get enough cereals. We had fun hunting for both. There is a bio grocery (organic, that has products from all over Europe) not too far away from where we are staying so we found a great selection of non-dairy milks and organic cow’s milks there, and a few cereal options. The bigger groceries carry lots of cereals. S and I are not big cereal eaters, so we mostly joined in the shopping fun. Here are partial cereal remains from their visits. Notice that the chocolate cookie crisps, corn flakes, and the “right” granola-like cereals are gone.

Remains from the morning cereal feasts.


One thought on “Juicy Orange Breakfast

  1. The orange juice is sensational and it’s still amazing to me that 10 kilos of them are only 2.50!!

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