Breakfast without Linda’s Sausage is like…

…Grilled Cheeze and Chutney sunshine. I really enjoy our Linda McCartney’s vegan sausages, with toast or crumpets, and veggies, but today we mixed it up.

Grilled freefrom cheeze with chutney, veggies and fruit for breakfast

As a plant-based nutritionist, I do realize that vegan cheeze and sausages don’t qualify as whole foods. I focus on making us meals that are mostly whole and this seems to work well for us. Having some “transition” or “alternate foods” and some condiments (yeah, chutney! yeah BBQ sauce! yeah hot sauce!) to pair with our vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, and nuts keeps us happy and coming back for more vegan deliciousness.

Speaking of condiments…I enjoy that so many of the condiments come in small packages. This means I have the opportunity to try lots of them. We are currently enjoying Cook & Co Fine Foods Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade.

Condiment deliciousness in tiny little pots (110 grams is just under 4 ounces or about 1/4 cup)

We are having a “sun break” (as my formerly Washington-state based parents used to say) this morning and it is a beautiful back drop for the daffodils on our window sill. The are so sunny themselves, and inexpensive right now (1 pound for a bunch).

I love daffodils. I think of them as the flowers of my birth month (May). I could either blame globalization or just enjoy them for more months.

Although it is farther North here than where we live in the states, the weather is milder. It is just the now nearing the end of January and some of the early bulb flowers are up. I came across this lovely magical blooming patch in a home garden on one of my walks recently.


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