Giant Crumpets!

Giant crumpets! Who knew such a thing existed. Delicious, light, and regularly made vegan. They are so big we cut one in half for our breakfast. This morning we paired our ½ a giant crumpet with a Linda McCartney veggie sausage, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. We had some raspberries (75p for a container!) as a side dish. Very yummy. I love to dip my sausage bites in barbeque sauce. I think the one we have at the moment is spicy HP sauce.

Before we headed out to the library to study and write today, we had a new version of yesterday’s breakfast again, but this time with a luscious pear (grown in the UK!) instead of the raspberries. See photo. Each morning breakfast is paired with tea with a splash of soya milk (Alpro) for me and coffee for Sophie. Some mornings (as an immune booster) we also add a glass of clementine juice.

I love the “Fruit Bowl”. It is the green grocer or fruit and vegetable shop on Pitshanger Lane just up the road from where we are staying. They make a practice of putting the country of origin on each type of produce. The first day I shopped there, the pears were the only fruit currently from England. Keep in mind it is January in London. The light (and occasional sunshine) only makes an appearance for a few hours a day…about 7.30 to 4.30. The pear took nearly a week to ripen, but was juicy and tasty with just the right texture this AM.

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